“She’s 73cm tall!”: How the smallest girl lives

Usually a child’s weight reaches 7kg by the age of 1. But our today’s heroine weighs the same at the age of 14. The topic’s about the smallest girl in Russia. Angela Tashueva lives in Grozny and is a record holder. The record was fixed in 2019, when the girl was about 72,5cm tall and weighed 7kg.

The child was born in 2006, 38cm tall and weighed 700g. Only during the last ultrasonography the mother was told about the development disorder of the child. Before finding this out, they couldn’t understand why the mother’s womb stopped growing.

Angela was so small, she could fit in a palm. She was drowning in all clothes.

In order to figure out what was wrong with the girl, the parents sold their house and went to Germany. There doctors told that the girl was born with congenital dwarfism that cannot be cured.

In their hometown the girl was refused to be accepted in kindergarten and school, so the parents decided to stay in Germany. There special conditions and individual approach were found.

After a while the family had to return to Russia, and since then Angela hasn’t gone to school.

Despite her height, the girl is growing up an active and curious girl. She has friends, likes to sing and dance. Angela is even seriously considering the career of artist.

Besides, Angela can’t bear when people treat her like a child. Many people take her for a child, but she’s already 14!

Doctors give no hope – they say people with this disease can rarely live till 20! The parents, however, still love their daughter, find her special, take care of her and count on the best.

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