Doctors suggested not having the babies, but the maternal feelings didn’t let her do that

Shelly Tucker was looking forward to the birth of her twins, but the doctors stunned her with terrible news. Turned out, the babies were Siamese twins. The obstetrician warned her, that the possibilities of successful separation of the girls are small. She had better not have the babies.

However, the parents had already made up their mind to have the babies for sure. She remembers the moment when the doctor delivered his verdict, the babies were fighting inside of her, as if telling her not to kill them. At that moment the woman realized she couldn’t do as the doctor said.

Allison June and Amelie Lee Tucker were born in March, 2011. The first 8 months the girls spent in hospital. All this time their parents were nearby and took care of them.

The surgery couldn’t be held sooner, as the girls’ body was not strong enough to bear it. This decisive day was 8 months after their birth. This miracle took 7 hours and about 40 doctors.

The girl’s father told he was over the moon when he saw his babies alive, safe and separated.

Now the parents watch their adorable twins grow up and keep thanking the God for helping them overcome this difficulty and giving them such a happiness.

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