Their house was caught on fire, then the mother noticed their dog dragging the 7-month-old baby from the diaper

It is believed, that fighting breed dogs and children are incompatible. This, especially, concerns to pit bulls, as they are often unpredictable and even dangerous, writes The Animal Bible.

However, this story proves it wrong. Latana Chai, a young mother from California, was home alone with her 7-month-old baby Masailla, when something terrible happened. It was about midnight, when she heard her 8-month-old pit bull Sasha barking loudly and scratching the door in the backyard.

She noticed that the dog’s barking was too loud, which made her panic. Sasha jumped on the door and did not stop barking. She went to the door, opened it and saw black smoke coming from the house next to theirs. The fire was already approaching Latana’s house.

Latana ran upstairs, to Masailla’s room, but Sasha outran her. The pit bull grabbed the baby from her diaper and took her out. No one was injured. But if not for the dog’s warning, perhaps the family wouldn’t have survived the fire.

latana Chai said, that baby Masailla and Sasha have always been very friendly towards each other, and always have fun together. The dog’s love for the girl encouraged him to go for such an amazing act.

This story proves, that pit bulls can also be wonderful pets if raised properly!

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