The house of the cleanest woman in the USA

Here is a woman that all lovers of “putting off cleaning for later” should look up to.

Meet 31-year-old Alejandra Costello. She’s a professional organizer. In her perfectly-arranged house there is always a place for even the smallest and insignificant thing.

Alejandra, as a real perfectionist, is in the list of the five most organized people in America. And now, let’s have a trip around the house of the most organized woman.

Maybe you’ll find something useful…

Alejandra proudly shows off the carefully ordered pantry in her kitchen.

It’s impossible to confuse anything here: spices and vitamins are on separate rotating trays. Also, there are signs next to them.

Alejandra even has a separate tea organizer, where she puts tea bags by their types.

The woman pays attention to every detail. In order for the silverware not to move while opening the drawer, she has put separators.

Frying pans are standing vertically, so it’s easier to pull them out.

Alejandra’s home office also serves as her personal workshop.

Consumables are in transparent containers on a board.

Tapes are also on the board. File folders are arranged in colors.

House chores and fitness classes are scheduled in the timetable.

The rack for wrapping paper (left) and room for files ad folders (right).

Alejandra also has separate places for mail, so she never forgets about anything.

Pens, pencils, markers, notepaper, rubber bands and glue – everything has it’s own room.

Alejandra hangs long necklaces on hooks so that they don’t het tangled.

Clothes are categorized with the help of labels.

Colored clips on hangers help Alejandra quickly realize what type of clothes she is looking at.

There are hangers in her closet for towels and scarfs.

In order to avoid mess in the bathroom, the woman holds hair and makeup accessories on the back of the door.

Behind the shower curtain there are pockets for soap and hairbrushes.

Alejandra hung a sheet of metal on the door of the first aid kit  to store the most frequently used things on magnets.

Alejandra’s favorite place is the linen closet, where she keeps medications and sunscreen in transparent containers.

The woman and her husband have turned the glaze terrace into a storage room.

Sports equipment is in a cage of a stretchable core.

Alejandra even has a separate organizer for batteries separated by size.

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