Her husband kicked her and her two children out of the house after the divorce. The mother built a house with her own hands!

Great job woman! May everything be great with her!

Charlotte Sapwell was left alone with her two children. Her ex-husband filed for divorce and kicked his wife out of the house. The poor woman had nowhere to go. Her youngest son was 5 weeks old back then. At that moment, Charlotte couldn’t even afford renting a small flat.

The woman tried to find a proper shelter for her children. She called her friends and relatives. Her grandparents accepter her in their house, but there was not enough room for another 3-member family. When the youngest son grew up a little, the grandfather offered the woman an option for housing. There is a place to build a house on his plot. But the elderly grandfather would not be able to build himself, he could only help a little. The woman had to do everything on her own.

Charlotte got down to business. She was ready to do everything for the sake of her children!

Her grandfather used to work as a restorer, he was able to tell her about the construction. The rest the woman learned from YouTube videos. She drafted the house and discussed everything with her grandfather. She bought everything necessary and began to build.

The woman built a small hut on her own. It was comfortable and functional – all they needed at that moment. The support of her relatives was a great help.

It turned out stylish and cozy. There’s a small living room in the hut with a TV and a mini couch.

There’s a bedroom for the children. Mom built it taking into account all the needs of the boys.

A small bedroom for mom.

Comfortable kitchen

Kids just love the new shelter!

Now the woman can get off the ground and start her life from a new page.

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