6-year-old Chinese girl has been taking care of her paralyzed dad for 2 years

They call her “Little Angel”

Sometimes a difficult situation in life reveals the strongest side of a person. But this story is about a child!

Little Jia Jia’s father was paralyzed in March 2016 when the taxi flew into a ditch at high speed.

Two months later, his wife, with whom he had lived for seven years, took her eldest son and left. He was left alone with his little daughter.

The tiny girl from the age of 4 began to look after her disabled father. A half-hour massage is the first thing Jia Jia does every morning when she wakes up at 6 a.m. Before she heads to school, she brushes his teeth and washes his face.

After school, she prepares his lunch and, using a self-propelled lifting platform, helps him move around the house.

When she is at school, the man’s elderly parents take care of him.

“When I take care of my dad, I don’t feel tired at all,” the girl told a reporter. Jia Jia became the head of the family from the age of four. The father is grateful to his daughter for what she is doing and says, “These are my hands.”

He said that the most difficult task for his daughter is moving around the house, because he is much heavier than her. Jia Jia’s grandfather has built a mobile hoist, and the girl must use all her strength every time to help her father move from the bed to the wheelchair.

She fastens the straps while he is lying in bed, and then slowly lifts him up with the help of the hoist and pushes him to the wheelchair that stands by the bed. Then she has to gently lower him down until he fits on the wheelchair before removing the straps from him.

She also learned how to shave her father’s beard. The first time, of course, she cut him, but she quickly began to do it properly and neatly. When asked if she misses her mother, Jia Jia said, “No, because she doesn’t care about dad. But I miss my brother.”

The farmer’s income that Jia’s father had is not enough for living and medical expenses. So he created an account on Kuaishou, one of China’s live streaming apps, hoping for help.

About half a million subscribers follow him, and they all admire the courage of little Jia. They call her a “little angel.”

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