Man became a world champion and started helping the poor

The guy has always had a kind heart and a strong character

Manny Pacquiao built a small village to provide the poor with proper houses. The Filipino boy himself used to live in a poor family in his childhood. He had hard time finding a little food.

The only thing that the boy desired, was to end the poverty in his family and also the neighborhood. Thanks to his perseverance, he managed to reach world fame. He is a box champion and has become a world champion in 8 weight categories. Despite his overwhelming success, Manny never forgot who he used to be.

After receiving a large amount of money for his victory, Manny decided to give it to charity an build a small village for the poor in his native province.

This was not all. Now thousands of families have a roof above their heads. And all thanks to the kindness of this young man. The residents named the village “Pacman Village”, in honor of the boxer. The houses in the village are meant for two families, and have two different entrances.

There are also sports grounds and parks in the village.

Manny gets upset every time remembering his own childhood. His family was poor and sometimes the only thing they had to eat were bananas and root vegetables. When he was 12, Manny had to skip classes at school and sell donuts on the streets. Soon, his uncle took up training Manny and making a champion out of him.

Manny’s uncle mentions, that the guy has always had a kind heart and a strong character.

“Every morning he would wake up at 4 a.m. and go for a run. We trained together for 6 months, then I said: ‘This guy is going to become a world champion! And he did!”.

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