Little girl explains her father why she cut off her hair

She just wanted to look cute!

If you have a little child at home, you should be ready for every extraordinary thing. They are capable of unthinkable things. But bear in mind, that such “experiments” are conducted to understand their surroundings. They are newcomers in this world, and what seems pretty usual for adults, seems very strange to them.

Ansleigh is one of these newcomers. She has recently surprised her father greatly. 42-year-old Chad Clark was alone at home with his 4 children, while his wife was at a conference. The man could never expect things to go this far.

He went out of the room for a moment and came back to her daughter with her hair cut short. Chad thought his wife was going to kill him. The girl had cut her braids and got stressed herself. This little girl represents all the females in the world! Although she wanted her hair short, she regretted her idea after it was too late.

The father asked the girl why she did that, and the poor child answered that she just wanted to look like Miss Jessica. The latter was their family friend.

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