Guy saw himself in the childhood photo of his fiancé

This funny story strengthened their bond

Myron, a young man, happened to see the childhood photo of his fiancé having fun on the coast of Montenegro.

The guy couldn’t believe his eyes at first so he had to look at the picture once again very carefully. In the background of one of her pictures, Myron saw himself. The lovers met each decades after that photo was taken.

Verona was born in Kosovo and spent most of her childhood in Montenegro. The photo was taken in Budva, Montenegro.

“Once I decided to show my childhood photos to my fiancé. Myron has a habit to look at the backgrounds of photos, and he did that again. He noticed a little boy wearing the same shorts and shirt that he used to have. Then he told me his story and it seemed to be a fairytale”, wrote Verona.

I really was Myron in the background. He was just having fun not paying attention to others around.

This funny story strengthened the bond between the lovers. By the way, Myron has already proposed to Verona! Now they are engaged.

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