Dad got a tattoo of a huge birthmark to support his son

The father’s crazy idea was definitely worth it!

Derek Prue Sr. from Canada spent 30 hours in a tattoo salon getting a tattoo which would help him support his son.

The guy has had the huge mole on his chest since birth. However, at some point he started getting shy over his feature. His dad noticed it, when the boy refused to take off his shirt in a pool. Derek Prue Sr. made his mind to get the same feature tattooed on himself.

“He used to be proud on his uniqueness, then he started hiding it. He was ashamed, and that is why I decided to support him in this way”, said the father.

The man gathered the courage to visit the Juicy Quill Tattoo salon, but he didn’t count what he had to survive.

“I though we will finish the tattoo in one session. But the few hours I hoped for turned to last over 30 hours! The first session lasted 4 hours. Then I asked if they had finished already and the tattoo artist answered very calmly: ‘yes, I have already finished the sketch!’ “.

Derek decided to show his tattoo to his son when their whole family went to the pool. The father took off his shirt to show his “birthmark” to everyone around. He stood proudly showing off his unique feature.

His son – Derek Jr. – couldn’t believe his eyes at first, but was really happy. He would never expect his dad to do something like that. Then he joined his father and took off his shirt too. They started comparing whose birthmark was bigger.

Now Derek jr. is no longer embarrassed of his feature. The father’s crazy idea was definitely worth it!

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