Young albino boy became a successful model

We will hear more about this handsome guy in the future!

Probably everyone knows about albinism nowadays. It is a lack of melanin, which affects the color of the skin, hair and even eyes.

Elijah Enwerem was born 5 years ago in the UK. The boy turned out to have a rare condition known as albinism. His relatives claim that Elijah is the first member of their family with such uniqueness.

As soon as Elijah’s photos appeared on the Internet, famous model agencies immediately noticed him and wanted to work with him. He has already become the face of Primark children clothing line.

The adorable boy was born into an interracial family. Elijah has always been in the center of attention thanks to his unique appearance.

At first, the boy was really curious why he looked different from his siblings.

Lucy Dawes – Elijah’s mother – has always believed that her son should try his hand at modeling industry. One day, she posted his photo on Facebook, and some stranger suggested reposting it in the model community.

She followed the advice, hoping that this would boost his confidence. And it did!

Elijah enjoys the work of a model and likes posing for cameras. He is no longer ashamed of his unique feature and shows it off to the whole world.

Currently Elijah is very popular and is ready to conquer the catwalk with his handsome appearance and self-confidence. His parents support him in everything. However, his mother doesn’t want her son to completely dive in the modeling industry neglecting his childhood and education. Family and studies should remain a priority.

We are surely going to hear more about this unique boy and his achievements in the future.

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