Finally in a wedding dress after 70 long years

The old lady looks really happy in the wedding dress!

Martha Tucker has always had one dream – find a perfect and loving man and marry him. In 1952, the woman married her beloved man. Nothing could stand in their way to be happy. However, the couple was not allowed to celebrate their marriage, all because of their race.

Martha and her husband still married each other, but the woman didn’t have a chance to wear a wedding dress. Dark-skinned people were not allowed in wedding salons, so it remained a dream for Martha to wear a white wedding dress.

One day, Martha was watching a film with her granddaughter. When they got to the wedding scene in the film, Martha told that she had always dreamt of wearing a snow-white wedding dress. She also told why she never had the chance to do so. At that moment, the granddaughter decided to give her grandmother an opportunity to make her dream come true.

The granddaughter chose a wedding dress herself and took Martha to a wedding salon. When they entered the salon, Martha noticed a wedding dress with her name on it. She was very happy at that moment. The woman returned to her youth while trying on the dress.

The granddaughter admitted, that Martha had much more vitality at 94, than herself.

“I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so happy!”, said Martha.

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