Surprising story: Man found his caregiver 28 years later

They both knew each other

Here is a story about a wonderful meeting between a nurse and a guy, whom she used to breastfeed around 30 years ago! Now the guy is already an adult and also works in the same hospital where he was born.

Wilma Wong is a nurse who has been working in Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford for 32 years. And the meeting that we are going to talk about, illustrates the strong bond that nurses might develop with their patients. 28 years ago, Wong was a practitioner.

The guy taken to the intensive care unit of newborns after the caesarian section of his mother. His parents named him Brandon Seminatore. He weighed about 2 pounds. After some time he left the hospital with his parents. However, years later the guy came back.

Wong was still working in the hospital. During one of her shifts, Wong noticed a new worker. She asked his name and learnt that it was Brandon Seminatore.

His surname sounded familiar to the nurse and she recognized him. The guy was quite surprised, because so many years had already passed and Wong had met thousands of babies. How come she still remembered his name!?

Brandon, in his turn, was familiar with the name Wong. It turned out that his parents used to talk a lot about Wong an her colleague Kas Pilon. They took care of Brandon when he was still a newborn. He knew who she was, but it was their first face-to-face meeting.

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