Girl walks for the first time with her father’s help

She felt like a real princess!

This little girl cannot stand or walk on her own. So, it seemed a huge problem for her when her aunt asked her to be her bridesmaid. However, the 4-year-old girl surprised everyone walking down the aisle happily smiling.

Her dress had special belts that attached her to her father’s shoes. As a result they were able to walk together. The little girl said she felt like Cinderella. She was even able to dance at the reception. The girl is Isabella Luckett.

Her family hoped that the girl would be able to make a few steps on her own inside the church. However, this didn’t happen. Her parents had seen an ad about a new mobility harness called Upsee before the wedding.

Mr. Luckett works at an oil tower in Abu Dhabi. He contacted the company and ordered one special for Isabella. Later her mother told: “At first, Isabella was really shy, but then she said she felt like a real princess!”.

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