“Word Scramble”: Find these difficult English words in 11 seconds each!

Write down in the comments how many words you were able to find!

Here are 5 scrambled English words that can test your English vocabulary and problem solving skills. You need good English vocabulary knowledge to be able to rearrange the letters so that you form meaningful words.

Are you ready??

Scramble Word 1

Scramble Word 2

Scramble Word 3

Scramble Word 4

Scramble Word 5

Let us know if you enjoy such word scrambles!

English is one of the richest languages to exist in the world. However, native speakers surely do not use all of the English words that are registered in dictionaries. Let’s check if you are familiar with all these words. Also do not forget to mention if English is your mother tongue or the second language!

Words Scramble Answers!

Scramble Word 1 – CHILDHOOD

Meaning: the state or period of being a child

Scramble Word 2 – IMAGINATION

Meaning: the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful; the part of mind that forms new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses

Scramble Word 3 – RENAISSANCE

Meaning: a period in European history marking the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity and covering the 15th and 16th centuries

Scramble Word 4 – VERNACULAR

Meaning: The language or dialect spoken by the local people in a particular country or region

Scramble Word 5 – FLUORESCENT

Meaning: Bright, vivid, colorful, glowing

Write down in the comments how many of these words you managed to find. Challenge your friends and relatives with this test!

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