“Optical Illusion”: Spot all the faces hidden in one image in 30 seconds

How many faces did you find?

Optical illusions are visual illustrations that have different appearances if you look with different perspectives. There are several types of illusions, like physical, physiological and cognitive. Optical illusions can also depict a hidden philosophical reasons behind any perception. That is why some optical illusion tests are meant to depict your personality.

Human brain can look at objects and images from various angles and form different perceptions for each view. One such a mind-bending illustration is the image of General’s family.

There are several faces hidden in this picture. You have 30 seconds to find all of them. We are going to reveal the answers at the end of the article. Let us know how many faces you managed to find in the set time!

The picture above is called “General’s Family”. It is an illustration that is considered to be one of the most popular optical illusions of all time. The author of the illustration is Octavio Ocampo, a Mexican artist. The image constantly tricks your brain by tempering with your perceptions. Your task is to find ALL the hidden faces.

This optical illusion helps you test your observational skills. There are a total of 9 faces hidden in the image. The amount of faces you manage to find in 30 seconds, will talk about how observant you are.

  1. If you were able to see 6 faces in total, then your observational skills are “good but ordinary.”
  2. If you were able to locate 7 faces in the illusion, you have observational skills that are “above-average.”
  3. If you were able to locate 8 faces in the illusion, you are very observant as a person and should be “proud” of yourself.
  4. If you have managed to spot all the faces, that is a total of 9 faces, then you have phenomenal observational skills.

Those who can easily spot all 9 faces, have creative minds and amazing intuition, which forms a “killer combination”.

Now, let’s look where the faces are in the picture!

The very first face everyone notices, is the big face of the General himself. And on the general’s face, there are 3 additional faces: an old man, a woman and a baby in the woman’s arms.

There are 4 faces at the spot where the crow is sitting. And the last face is on the opposite side of were the crow and the four faces are. If you look closely at the red outline on the upper part of the image, you can spot a girl looking away.

Did you see all of them?

Optical illusions give some fascinating insight of how our brains work. Now, comment down how many faces you were able to find in only 30 seconds!

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