“Their friendship blossomed!”: Two rescued kittens helped each other overcome all their problems

These two kittens have the greatest strength of will!

Jacky and Simmy are two lovely kittens. They were both 10 weeks old when they were brought to the shelter. They were weak and scared, but kept holding each other tightly as a way of support.

The first few days of their arrival, the kittens were still to weak to walk much, so they had to spend most of their time in bed. They received all the necessary treatments in the shelter and were eventually recovering. Surely, the shelter staff did everything possible to help the kittens, but they got better thanks tot heir strong bond and love for each other.

Changes were noticeable after a month. The adorable kittens turned into healthy and strong babies.

Their love and care for each other was so strong, that it was able to solve all their problems.

The staff is amazed by their strong bond and they hope that these cuties will be adopted together.

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