“Optical Illusion”: This remarkable piece of art reveals a lot about you

This is considered the oldest optical illusion in the world!

Optical illusions are centuries old and today’s illusion is a classic example of the same. One of the oldest optical illusions in the world is carved at Tamil Nadu’s Airavatesvara temple. The remarkable piece of art from Chola Architecture is said to be 900 years old. 

Take a look at this amazing work of art!

In the picture above, there are a bull and an elephant sharing the same head. If you cover the body and legs of the animal on the left, the creature on the right looks like an elephant. And if you cover the body and the legs of the elephant, then you will notice a bull. The sculpture is an ancient example of ambiguous brain teasers. 

And here is the analysis of this optical illusion test based on what you see first when you instantly look at the carving! 

If you first notice the bull, you are believed to be stubborn and ferocious. You know how to stay strong and positive in difficult situations.

And if you noticed an elephant first, it reveals that you are a loyal and respectful person. You are thoughtful and considerate and usually treat people with kindness.

Did you like this ancient optical illusion?

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