“Optical Illusion Test”: Check if you have a more male or female brain!

A number of neuroscientists have dedicated their works on male and female brain functioning

This optical illusion picture of a man running in a tunnel claims to decipher what kind of thought process people have based on what they see in the picture. The trick is, whether you see a man running towards you or running away from you. 

The picture was first published by Fact Factory as a project to unravel what kind of brain people have – male or female! 

Take a look at the picture below and tell us what you see!

If you saw a man running towards you, you tend to have a more “male” brain. You use your analytical skills and reasoning to solve your life problems with ease. You are a fast learner and focus on something so much until you reach the right solution. 

However, male brains have disadvantages too. People with male brains are not good at multitasking and usually can focus on one thing at a time. 

If you saw a man running away from you, you have a more “female” brain. You rely on your analytical skills and do not jump to immediate decisions and assumptions. Your brain immerses itself in something creative and create something from scratch. Also, these people are multitaskers and have a sharp memory. 

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