“Optical Illusion Test:” Are you a good advisor?

Check the analysis of this viral optical illusion!

Optical illusions are closely related to personality tests. Optical illusion tests penetrate one’s mind and reveal the deepest desires and secrets of people.

Today’s optical illusion test is meant to reveal whether you are a good advisor or not. Various psychologists and psychiatrists use such optical illusion personality tests to get into the minds of their patients.

Take a look at the optical illusion picture below and tell us what you see first!

Optical Illusion Test Analysis!

If you first saw a man playing the saxophone, you are left-brained. You have great analytical skills and use your logic most of the time. You are a method thinker, so you can give the best advise if people really need it. You analyze all the aspects before coming up with advice. This is why your friends usually succeed when they first come to you for some advice.

If you noticed the woman’s face first, you are a right-brained person, which means you have a creative mind and high emotional intelligence. Most of the time you give advice following your gut, which also helps you predict the future sometimes. These skills let you see beyond many people’s words and their behavior. People usually come to your wisdom, because you are always ready to help others.

Many people can use both sides of their brains equally, so they can give advice based on both their logic and gut.

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