“Optical Illusion Test”: What you see first reveals your truest emotions

Look at the full picture and let us know what you saw first!

Today’s optical illusion image will reveal the emotional stat of your mind, based on what you see first in the picture. Find out how emotional you are as a person!

Take a look at this beautiful landscape below!

Optical Illusion Picture Analysis

Almost 30% of the world population sees two swans at first try. This means you do not expect anything from anyone. You do not believe in giving and taking, so you only have high expectations from yourself. Such a way of thinking saves you from any kind of emotional damage, so you are always in a much happier state of mind than others. You also tend to forgive people around you and relieve yourself from any baggage.

If you managed to notice the orchestra first, you live in your own world and are happy there. But you usually expect people to return the favor when you do them one. This sets your expectations quite high and brings you emotional damage when your wants are not met.

In case you didn’t notice the orchestra, here it is!

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