“Optical Illusion Test”: Can you stay in a long-distance relationship?

If you take a closer look you might notice some hidden details

Today’s optical illusion is a painting by famous Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak. Check out the painting below and tell us what you saw in the first 7 seconds! This painting is meant to reveal whether you can stay loyal in a long-distance relationship or not. 

Are you ready? Don’t forget to set time! 

Oleg has depicted a cool and calm Venice evening famous for its romantic aura. But if you take a closer look you might notice some other details too. Now tell us what you managed to see in the first 6 seconds and scroll down to read what it tells about you!

Bridge and Boat

People who saw the bridge and the boat at first are the kind of people who do not like to leave things unsolved. These people have clear minds and know exactly what they want. If they want to maintain their relationship with someone, they will surely do it without any second thoughts. This also means, that maintaining a long-distance relationship is not a problem for them, if they are satisfied with it. 

Couple Entering a Building

If you first noticed the couple entering the building, you are a very focused person and live in the present. You don’t like putting efforts into something that is not going to pay off in the future. This means you cannot be in a long-distance relationship, because you always want to move forwards with your life. 

Face in the Bridge

People who first saw the masked face in the bridge, are those who are satisfied with their current lives. They do not like interfering into the lives of other people, and equally hate when others try to interfere into their own lives. This means that they can maintain a long-distance relationship, as long as it doesn’t affect them. As soon as they notice some negativity affecting their life, they prefer to leave the relationship for inner peace. 

Now you more or less know if you can stay in a long-distance relationship or not, although it mainly depends on personal preferences. Do you agree with this analysis? 

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