“Optical Illusion Test”: Are you a dog- or a cat-person?

Before taking the test, tell us whether you love dogs or cats the most

This optical illusion test will reveal if you are a dog person or a cat person. Psychologists often rely on this illusion test and use it to reveal some personality traits of their patients. We are giving you a chance to take this optical illusion personality test without visiting a psychologist.

Thos who do not know what a dog-person or a cat-person means, we are ready to explain it to you! A dog person is someone who loves dogs the most and is willing to keep one at home and take proper care of it. A cat person is someone who has the same feelings towards cats. Cats and dogs are the two most beloved pets in the world.

Take a quick looka t the picture below and tell us what you saw first!

If you first noticed a long-eared spaniel, then, obviously, you are a dog person. The fact that you favor dogs over cats can reveal some of your personality traits. According to psychologists, these people are more friendly and loyal, just like dogs usually are. Theya re outgoing and love it when people talk about them. Also, these people are ready to do anything when their tummies are full. Do your dog’s act like this? A dog person is not usually jealous, but sometimes they also want to be in the center of attention. Most of the time they want to have a companion around and can’t stand loneliness. An important thing about these people, is that you would not like to mess with them. They do not often lose tember, but when they do, they will make the other person’s day worse than hell.

If the first thing you noticed in the picture were two cats side-by-side, then you are a cat person. This shows that these people are loners. Theya re introverted and enjoy their own company. They like independence and do not like when someone tries to interfere into their lives. A cat person is a leader by nature. They are creative and are happy in their own space. These people like to do things that makes them feel appreciated. More often they do not even like to get into a relationship. They see relationshps as space, meaning that they need to devote their time and enegry to their lover.

Do you agree with this analysis?

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