“Optical Illusion”: Find 8 differences in these 2 identical pictures

Let’s see if you can spot all the differences in 1 minute!

The picture depicts a table with a pizza ready to be eaten. Your task is to find 8 differences in these 2 pictures thta look almost identical.

The Task Has Some Rules You Should Follow!

You have only 1 minute to spot all the differences!

Do not look at the answers before your time is up!

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Make sure you set a timer, so that the competition is fair. After a minute, Scroll down to see the answers!


We are going to reveal 7 of the differences, and you should try to find the 8th difference and reveal it in the comments. Let’s see if you manage to find it and whether you are right or not!

We are curious to know whether you were able to find the 8th difference or not. So, please, share your answer in the comments. And if you have found a difference that no one else has noticed, than you might be a genious with an amazing brain focus!

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