“Optical Illusion Personality Test”: Do you feel trapped in your life?

Reveal your deepest thoughts with this interesting optical illusion picture

Scientists have long been studying optical illusions and still cannot fully explain how they actually work and how they are connected with human brain. It is widely believed that optical illusions are caused when the information is taken from human eyes and is connected to how our brain interprets it. Seeing optical illusions, the brain perceives what has previously been familiar to it, and usually ignores the unfamiliar details.

Take a look at the picture below and tell us what you saw first! Then read the anlysis below and find out why you feel trapped in your life!

This picture has become quite popular lately, and people are still discussing the illusion. Some people see several pillars on the black background, others notice two men facing each other. What did you notice first?

If you first noticed the pillars, you live in your comfort zone and like a safe and quiet lifestyle. Currently you are in the period of your life when you know for sure you are succeeding. However, it also suggests that in order to actually start succeeding, you need to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and take some risks.

If you noticed the two men first, the author explains that you do not feel trapped in your life. The two men show that you like your life full of adventures and joy. You always look for new challenges and more adrenaline. You are mostly afraid of settling into a boring lifestyle. However, you should take into consideration, that settling some routine and leading a normal, quet life has its own benefits and will make you much happier!

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