“Optical Illusion Test”: Can you spot 2 different animals in this picture?

We challenge you to find two animals in this picture in 20 seconds!

Today’s optical illusion test is a little more difficult than the previous ones. You need to find two animals in this picture (note that they belong to two completely different species!). The people whose cognitive skills know no boundaries will be able to quickly find the answer.

Take a look at this picture, and tell us what animals you see! There are two animals!

Here is your picture!

The first animal people easily spot is the bird holding a piece of bread in its beak.

Let’s consider we have successfully finished the first half od the test. But what about the second animal? We give you 10 more seconds, then you can scroll down to see the answer. Try to be creative an dthink out of the box.

Okay, time’s up!!

Where is the second animal?

The second animal was properly hidden in the picture of the bird. If you turn your phone upside-down, you can spot a wolf intead on the bird.

Here it is!

If you had noticed the wolf without looking at the answer, let us know how many seconds it took you to find it.

Hope you enjoyed this tricky optical illusion!

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