“Brain Teaser Test”: Spot the mistake in girls’ dining room picture

The given time for the test is 5 seconds

If you enjoy solving fun puzzles, this test is just for you! Brain teasers are tests that require creative thinking and make your brain work differently. You need to analyze the puzzle a little differently and think outside the box.

Here is an interesting brain teaser for you, where you need to find the mistake in the picture below. Leave your answers in the comments! Good Luck!

Take a close look at the picture and find the mistake. The given time for the test is 5 seconds, but let’s see how much time it takes you to pass the test! The answer is, in fact, easy but tricky. Sometimes, our brains focus on complicated details, while the mistake is hidden somewhere obvious.

After finishing the test, scroll down to see the answer in the picture below!

Brain Teaser Answer 

The mistake in the picture is hidden in the mirror! Did you notice it? The problem is, the reflection in the mirror is wrong. Take a look!

The riddle required less time to solve as it is quite simple. The given 5 seconds were able to reveal how your brain works and how focused it is.

How much time did it take you to finish the test?

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