“Brain Teaser”: Spot 5 Hidden Words in the picture!

All the words are related to reading

Brain teasers can be a fun and challenging way to test your creativity and problem-solving skills. These puzzles often involve riddles or hidden messages that require you to think outside the box and find a solution that’s not immediately obvious. One such brain teaser challenges you to find five words related to reading that are hidden within a picture.

Brain Teaser to Test Your IQ: Spot 5 Hidden Words related to Reading in the picture within 15 secs?

The image depicts a family sitting in a living room, with the parents reading books and the child playing with a dog. The task is to find the five hidden words related to reading within a 15-second time limit. The words are cleverly camouflaged within the picture, making the challenge all the more difficult.

Although the answers are provided below the puzzle, it’s more satisfying to find the words on your own without cheating. After observing the picture carefully for a few seconds, you may be able to spot all the hidden words.

If you are still struggling with finding all the words, scroll down to see the answer!

Brain Teaser Answer 

The five words related to reading that are hidden within the picture are: Story, Read, Book, Word, and Copy. The word “Story” is written in the woman’s hair, “Read” is on the sofa, “Book” is on the dog, “Word” is on the child, and “Copy” is on the man.

How many words did you manage to find? Did you have fun taking this test?

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