“Fashion legend reincarnated”։ 7-Year-Old Claims He Was Gucci In Past Life

He designes clother for celebrities

According to a report in People Magazine, there is a seven-year-old boy named Max Alexander from the US who believes he has a deep connection to the renowned designer, businessman, and founder of Gucci, Guccio Gucci. Max has been creating clothes for celebrities around the world and confidently claims that he was Guccio Gucci in a past life. “I actually was,” he confidently expressed. This child prodigy has been involved in designing, creating, and selling outfits since the age of four.

Max’s mother, Sherri Madison, mentioned that she didn’t initially notice her son’s design talents until he expressed an interest in dressmaking at the age of four. She recalled a moment during lockdown when Max announced at the dinner table, with utmost seriousness, that he needed a mannequin. Perplexed by his sudden interest in fashion, she asked him for an explanation. Max explained that he wanted to be a dressmaker but needed a mannequin to showcase his skills.

Being a cardboard artist, Ms. Madison took the initiative to create a mannequin for her son using cardboard. After that, Max’s passion for dressmaking took off, and he began creating dresses. Ms. Madison was amazed by his talent and immediately called her husband to witness what Max was doing. The whole situation seemed surreal to her. Although Max had no prior exposure to the fashion industry, his mother believes that fashion runs in his genes, as his grandparents were involved in the fashion business in Montreal. She admitted that it all came as a surprise to Max, as he had no knowledge of his family’s background in fashion.

As Max’s designs improved, he started creating outfits using knots and tape and eventually received professional training in sewing. Once his skills developed further, his parents bought him a real mannequin. At the age of five, he organized his first fashion show, as showcased on his Instagram account.

Max’s primary motivation behind his designs is to make women feel beautiful. Interestingly, he has no interest in wearing the dresses himself and focuses solely on creating women’s wear. His designs cater to women of all sizes, aiming to promote beauty and confidence. People Magazine reported that at such a young age, this self-taught designer has already created over a hundred designs. He has marketed his work internationally, hosted fashion events, and even designed a jacket for actor Sharon Stone. Max aspires to become the head of the House of Gucci or establish his own couture atelier, naming it “Couture to the Max Italian,” according to his mother.

In summary, Max Alexander, a seven-year-old boy, has displayed remarkable design talent and a deep connection to Guccio Gucci, as he passionately creates clothes for celebrities. With his mother’s support and his own determination, Max has already made a significant impact in the fashion world at a very young age.

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