“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find the hidden animal in the picture of the Elephant

Test your cognitive skills with this cute picture!

Optical illusion pictures are popular illusions that are designed to deceive the human mind and test one’s attentiveness. Neuroscientists have used optical illusions to study how the brain creates the perception of reality. Our brain has the ability to fill in the gaps from the information obtained from the eyes, resulting in a perception of reality that is formed in our mind.

Regular practice of optical illusion puzzles can enhance problem-solving abilities and observation skills. If you have good observation skills, you can try to spot a hidden horse in a picture within 7 seconds.

Hidden Animal Optical Illusion – Find Horse in 7 Seconds


The picture in question is a painting of an elephant carrying a log of wood, with grass and trees in the background and pristine white clouds in the sky. The challenge is to find a hidden horse within 7 seconds.

The task is a test of your cognitive skills and requires razor-sharp intellect. The solution will be provided later, but only the best of the best can spot the hidden horse in the given time frame.

Scroll down to see the answer!

Optical Illusion Challenge: Solution


The horse can be found on the extreme right side of the image, formed by the outline of the space between the hut at the back and the surrounding areas. Once spotted, the horse cannot be unseen.

In short, optical illusions are a fascinating subject that can teach us a lot about the brain’s functioning. Practicing optical illusion puzzles can enhance cognitive abilities and observation skills.

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