“Optical Illusion Brain Teaser”: Spot the letter ‘S’ hidden in the aquarium

Let’s check how attentive you are!

Do you think of yourself as someone who is very detail-oriented? We have a challenge for you if you do. We have given you a highly challenging exercise to see how well you can pay attention to detail. Do you feel up to it? Since we are here to both assist you and amuse you, we genuinely hope you are. So, prepared or not, let’s begin.

Chuck Dillon is the artist that produced this picture. Dillon is a Philadelphia-based artist that has uploaded more than 20 pieces of their work to the site. Over 150k people have viewed and appreciated his paintings. And the image puzzle we’re giving you today is one of his well-known pieces of art that the general public has praised and paid a lot of attention to. In this picture, students are gathered outside of an aquarium with a cute puppy. The floor is covered with paintings and paint cans, and the pupils are gathered together. Students are eating, drawing, and taking in the surroundings, among other activities. A woman who appears to be their instructor is also there among them.

Find the letter S within 7 seconds in this brainteaser

Let’s look at this image puzzle brainteaser.

You can see from the photo puzzle that the murals on the floor depict aquatic and marine species, such as worms, fish, sharks, and other sea creatures. After carefully examining the image, the problem now arises.

The letter S, which is the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet, is concealed amid the students, paintings, and aquarium. You have seven seconds to find the letter S. Can you make this happen? We will soon discover the answer. In order to start, set your timer for 7 seconds.

You can scroll down to see the answer to the illusion!

Brain Teaser: Solution

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