“What was it that she discovered in him?” – Fans were unprepared to witness the actor’s close-up facial appearance

Following Douglas’s less-than-flattering photos, fans have been suggesting his wife explore new options.

Michael Douglas reappears in unrecognizable physical condition, he looks  concerningly frail | Marca

The enduring love story between these two celebrities continues to captivate everyone. Yet, at 78 years old, the man is now a seasoned retiree, and his aged and lined appearance has become a topic of active discussion across the internet.

We Have Extremely Sad News For 77-year old Michael Douglas As He Is  Confirmed To Be.. - YouTube

Describing the extent of his transformation would be an understatement.

Michael Douglas, 78, is unrecognisable as Hollywood star ditches his  signature grey locks - Mirror Online

“Have I been asleep for that long?” “Perhaps a trip to the beauty salon is due!” “Time has certainly left its mark on this cinematic icon!”

Michael Douglas, 78, looks frail as he continues to show off new hair at  basketball game | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

“The most talented and charismatic actor I’ve ever encountered!” “Aging spares no one.” “What matters most is his happiness with his wife!” “He’s still a heartthrob even at this age!”

Michael Douglas, 78, is seen sporting long red locks AGAIN | Daily Mail  Online

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