“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Spot the turtle in 7 seconds!

Optical illusions are tricky pictures that make your brain see things that aren’t really there. Long ago, people thought they were magic or evil, but scientists later explained that our brains play tricks on us.

These illusions use shapes like triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles to fool your eyes. They arrange these shapes in different ways to create the trick. The goal is to see something that’s hidden or not real.

Spot the turtle in 7 seconds

Now, let’s look at a picture with a pond full of lily pads. There are also flowers in the pond, and a surprise visitor, a turtle, is hiding among the lily pads. Can you find the turtle in just 7 seconds? If you’re ready, start looking now.

Remember, don’t scroll down for the answer until you’ve tried to find the turtle on your own. Just take a good look at the picture, and you’ll be fine.

If you want to see where the turtle is, you can scroll down to find the answer at the end of this article.

Optical Illusion Solution

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