“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Spot the boys’ father in 5 seconds

Feeling down or want to give your brain a workout? We have a fun brain teaser for you! You don’t need to search online for riddles; we have one right here. Are you ready to take it on? We really hope you are!

Here’s a challenge for you:

Spot the boys’ father in 5 seconds

Look at the puzzle below:

In this puzzle, you’ll see three boys on a village road. They have sticks and look worried because their dad asked them to wait there while he went somewhere. It’s been a while, and the boys are starting to get anxious. Your job is to find their dad in the picture within 5 seconds.


Don’t scroll down for the answer until you’ve given it your best shot. 

This will test your vision and observation skills. Can you do it? Scroll down only when your time is up.

Brain Teaser Solution

Here’s where the dad is in the picture:


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