George Clooney’s Venice Film Festival Appearance Stirs Controversy

The actor more resembled the woman’s father this time.

Renowned heartthrob George Clooney didn’t look his best this time. The 62-year-old Ocean was seen with a long-legged woman on his arm. The photo went viral in all media outlets and emphasized how the beloved star has aged.

The cause for gossip was the star’s rendezvous with his wife at the Venice Film Festival. Amal Alamuddin is significantly younger than her husband, at 45 years old, and visually, he could pass as her father.

A lawyer by profession, she appeared in front of the cameras in a daring mini dress. The modest black and white print of her dress, stylishly arranged hair, and dark sunglasses revealed a woman with great taste. The icing on the cake was her young, slender legs.

Venice, 80th Venice Film Festival 2023, George Clooney and Amal arrive at the airport (Photo by Pool Photo Events 02/IPA/Sipa USA)

Clooney himself walked slightly hunched over. The gray hair of the Hollywood celebrity highlighted his age, as reported by the Daily Mail. He tenderly held the mother of his twins, as if emphasizing that she is the most precious thing he has.

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