Miley Cyrus Seeks Restraining Order Against Persistent Stalker

It appears that Miley Cyrus has once again become a victim of the same stalker who has been pursuing her in recent years. This week, the pop star went to court to obtain a restraining order against a 52-year-old man named Alexander Hardalyan. According to documents, the stalker showed up at the pop diva’s home just a few days after being released from San Quentin State Prison.

This individual has been harassing the pop star since 2018 with unsolicited letters and unwanted sexually explicit comments, and he even attempted extortion. In 2022, he showed up at her Los Angeles home twice, which led to his conviction up to this point.

In her statement, Miley claims that the man is suffering from a “dangerous obsession” stemming from “serious mental health issues.” She is concerned for the safety of her mother, Tish, and her boyfriend, Max Morendo.

It’s worth noting that celebrities often become the targets of such harassment. For instance, Miley’s colleague Billie Eilish regularly deals with the unhealthy attention of fans. In January of this year, she also contacted the police after another stalker broke into her mansion.

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