Winners of the ‘Woman of the Year’ Award Recognized for Achievements in Various Fields

Harper’s Bazaar magazine has announced the 10 winners of the “Woman of the Year” award, recognizing achievements in various fields, from a career in film to sports. One of the most impressive figures for the editorial team was Emilia Clarke, who, despite serious health issues, passionately dedicates herself to her acting career and actively engages in charity work. However, she is just one of the winners, as the magazine acknowledges the contributions of a writer reimagining Shakespeare, a director who became one of the few female Oscar winners, and other remarkable women making incredible breakthroughs in their respective fields.

Below, see who has surpassed themselves this year and impressed the art and sports-focused Harper’s Bazaar editorial team.

Actress: Emilia Clarke

Emilia survived a brain hemorrhage, but her main fear was not death but the loss of work. Thanks to her courage and dedication to her craft after recovery, she has taken on various projects, not only in the film industry but also in medical funding and comic book writing.

Activist: Patsy Stevenson

Patsy, a physics student, has become an activist and advocate for women’s rights.

Writer: Maggie O’Farrell

While Maggie has long captivated readers with her vibrant prose, her new novel “Hamnet” has become a bestseller, soon to be adapted into a film set for release in 2025, propelling Maggie to new literary heights.

Sportswoman: Alessia Russo

Alessia Russo, a forward for Arsenal, led the England women’s football team to the World Cup final, and she has no plans to stop there.

Designer: Tory Burch

Over the last 20 years, Tory Burch has revolutionized the world of luxury fashion, inspiring the expansion of possibilities for women.

Editor’s Choice: Camille Cottin

The roles of this actress are diverse, and in each one, she brings her own charisma and unwavering dedication to the craft. Camille’s most notable works include the series “Call My Agent” (2015-2020) and recent films “The Quiet Abyss” (2021) and “House of Gucci” (2021).

Director: Emerald Fennell

In 2021, Emerald won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the film “Promising Young Woman” (2020). As a director, she excellently combines humor with horror, and her latest gripping drama, “Sulphur,” is no exception.

Philanthropist: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

The actress, known for the series “Loki” (2021-…), successfully combines her career with advocacy for the rights of refugees, serving as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Musician: Janelle Monáe

Janelle is a versatile and talented artist who has entered a new era of self-discovery. In addition to success in the music industry, she appears in interesting film projects, such as “Knives Out: Glass Onion” (2022).

Breakthrough: Jenna Ortega

Her star role in the series “Wednesday” (2022-..) has brought the actress a massive fan base worldwide and accelerated her success. Now she is determined to take responsibility for her future.

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