Monica Bellucci Honored with Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Film Industry at the International Film Festival

Stylists say that black color ages women, but when it comes to an Italian diva, all rules seem to be thrown out the window. Recently, Monica Bellucci visited Greece, where she took part in the International Film Festival.

At the evening ceremony, the renowned actress and a favorite of millions was honored for her overall contribution to the film industry.

For the festival’s press conference, Monica opted for a refined and stylish outfit, once again proving that she is a style icon. Bellucci chose a relatively simple but impactful all-black ensemble.

The actress wore narrow trousers and a top, adding a black coat on top. Additionally, she complemented her look with black sunglasses. This time, the diva decided to completely forgo any accessories, considering them unnecessary in the total black look.

It was recently revealed that Monica is dating Tim Burton. However, she arrived in Greece alone. The couple made their first public appearance together at the Rome Film Festival.

Many were surprised by Monica and Tim’s decision to date, but it is noted that they look good together.

Rumors about their romance first surfaced in February 2023 when journalists accidentally spotted the couple strolling in Paris.

Monica has already shared details about her relationship with a well-known magazine. She confirmed that she is dating the director. The Italian diva also mentioned how happy she is to have met such a person, emphasizing that such encounters happen only once in a lifetime.

Despite Tim Burton’s absence in Greece, Monica still looked very happy. She gladly posed for paparazzi and gave interviews.

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