Do You Remember Them Like This?: How Actors Looked in Their Youth

William H. Macy

After several television and small film roles, William H. Macy played one of the lead roles in the film “Fargo.” The work was so successful that William subsequently landed several interesting roles in films such as “Pleasantville,” “Magnolia,” “Jurassic Park III,” and “Boogie Nights.”

He is now most known for “Shameless,” which concluded in 2021.

Ed Harris

Ed Harris began his career at the age of 25, and he had his first significant role at the age of 39 in the film “The Abyss” directed by James Cameron. The experience was challenging; during one scene, Ed almost drowned, considering that most of the shooting took place underwater, marking Cameron’s first project under such conditions.

Harris gained fame in the late ’90s with roles in films like “Apollo 13,” “The Rock,” and “The Truman Show.” Modern audiences also remember Ed from the TV series “Westworld.”

Sean Bean

Sean Bean is known to a wide audience not only for his work in major films but also for television series. He first gained prominence in 1993, appearing in the series “Sharpe’s Rifles,” and in 2011, he played in “Game of Thrones.”

Currently, he stars in the series “World on Fire” and “Time,” and not long ago, he finished working on the television version of “Through the Snow.” From major films, notable works include “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” “Troy,” “GoldenEye,” and “Silent Hill.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan closely tied his career to the small screen, although he occasionally appears in major films. His first significant work was in “Supernatural” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” In the 2010s, he joined the main cast of “The Walking Dead” and went on until the very end, then transitioning to “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin made his film debut in 1985 in “The Goonies.” However, after his second role, he decided to take a long hiatus due to dissatisfaction with his acting in the film “Thrashin’.” Josh returned after a few years but continued to take on supporting roles until working with the Coen Brothers on “No Country for Old Men.” After this film, Josh’s career took off, and he appeared in “Men in Black 3,” “Oldboy,” “Labor Day,” and later joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Denzel Washington

Denzel’s career began in 1976 with theatrical performances, and in the next decade, thanks to the series “St. Elsewhere,” he became a small-screen star. He first broke into Hollywood when he won an Oscar for his role in “Glory.” This marked the start of Denzel’s Hollywood career, known for films such as “American Gangster,” “The Book of Eli,” “Training Day,” “Flight,” and the “Equalizer” trilogy.

Mickey Rourke

The peak of Mickey Rourke’s career was in the 1980s, but after some time, his filmography experienced a decline in both quality and quantity. Mickey went through tough times due to plastic surgeries that significantly altered his appearance, dividing his career into “before” and “after.”

Christoph Waltz

Not surprisingly, almost no one remembers the young Christoph Waltz, as before meeting Quentin Tarantino, he appeared in little-known German films that did not advance his career. After appearing in a couple of Tarantino films, Christoph made his way to Hollywood and established himself as an amazing actor, admired for his performances in films such as “007: Spectre,” “Alita: Battle Angel,” “Django Unchained,” and others.

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