Brad Pitt Confirms Relationship with Ines de Ramon: A Year of Privacy and Growing Stronger

Recently, 59-year-old Hollywood actor Brad Pitt publicly introduced his new love interest, Ines de Ramon, as his “girlfriend,” finally confirming speculations about his love life.

Speaking about their low-key romance and how it has developed a year after the duo started dating, a source revealed that the actor and jewelry designer are living together harmoniously.

An insider told Entertainment Tonight that Pitt and de Ramon are growing stronger as a couple, and everything between them is going well.

Ines still works with Anita Ko, and Brad is, of course, busy with work too, but they still make time for each other. She really makes him happy!

The source also explained why the stars don’t comment on their romance and keep their feelings private:

They both make an effort to keep their relationship private out of respect for each other and to protect it.

It’s worth noting that this is Brad’s first serious relationship since the scandalous divorce from Jolie. The actor and his new love interest made their public debut as a couple just a few weeks ago.

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