Margot Robbie Loses Voice but Shines at Saltburn Premiere After Actor’s Strike

The first film premiere for Margot Robbie after the end of the actor’s strike did not go exactly as planned, as she lost her voice and couldn’t speak.

The Barbie star appeared alongside Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi on the red carpet for the premiere of Saltburn, produced by her and her husband’s company, LuckyChap. This happened on Tuesday evening after the end of the 118-day strike.

While it was certainly a cause for celebration, Margot couldn’t take full advantage, as she had to resort to hand signals when asked questions, trying to illustrate her responses.

When the blonde was asked for an interview at the star-studded event, she simply pointed to her throat and shrugged.

Later, representatives of Robbie confirmed that the Australian actress had lost her voice but still came to support the film.

This is the first premiere Margot attended after “Barbie,” which took place a week after the start of the strike. Although she did not appear in the film, she produced it with her husband.

It’s worth noting that even though the beauty couldn’t speak, the audience was still impressed by her appearance. Margot wore a dark brown strapless dress with a transparent corset and a floor-length skirt. Her blonde hair was down with a middle part and cascaded down her back in waves.

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