Jennie Garth’s Husband Playfully Invoices Her for Chores – A Peek into Their Fun Relationship!

Jennie Garth, the star from Beverly Hills, 90210, shared a funny story on her Instagram about her husband, Dave Abrams. He made a playful “invoice” for doing chores around the house. The note mentioned he would be golfing and coming home at 5, with the cost being a simple “have fun, I love you.” Garth found it amusing and posted about it with a laughing-crying emoji.

Recently, Garth has been featuring her husband on Instagram, including pictures of him during football nights and a mirror selfie wearing Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirts after a game. They also enjoyed a festive start to the holiday season, attending Jingle Ball 2023 in Los Angeles.

Garth has been focused on her fitness after being diagnosed with early-onset osteoarthritis. She shared a video of her workout routine, emphasizing the importance of staying active to manage arthritis. Despite occasional wrist and knee pain, she continues to stay physically active, even taking up golf like her husband.


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The couple, married since 2015, faced a brief separation in 2019 but later reconciled. Garth has been open about her arthritis diagnosis and how it has motivated her to prioritize physical activity to manage the condition.

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