“Transformative Love”: Adopted Child Thrives Against All Odds

Around the world, about one billion people live with a disability. In some places, kids with disabilities are treated badly, not allowed to go to school, left in dirty places, and even punished cruelly.

Let me tell you about Rustam. When he was a baby, his parents left him because he had health problems that made him look different. Rustam was about to be put in a special place for disabled kids, but something amazing happened.

Before 2006, there were no rules to protect people with disabilities. But in that year, the United Nations made a rule to keep disabled people and mistreated kids safe in some countries.

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Rustam, born in Russia, had health issues and needed treatments, but he didn’t want to be adopted or taken care of.

Then in 2017, Nika Zlobin, a kind woman, saw Rustam’s picture and wanted to help. Rustam needed speech therapy, surgery, and a fake leg. Nika and her husband Yuri were ready to take care of him.

Their first meeting with Rustam went well. They brought him to a playroom, and Nika thought he was smart and ready for a good life.

At that time, Rustam was about to be sent to a place for disabled kids, and Nika didn’t want that for him. So, they quickly finished the paperwork, took Rustam in their car, and brought him to their home in Moscow.

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Nika and Yuri treated Rustam like their own child, even though he had some difficulties. They helped him with therapy and taught him to walk. Rustam didn’t like it at first, but eventually, he started walking on his own.

Since Rustam became part of their family, Nika fights for the rights of people with disabilities. Some people are mean and call Rustam names, but Nika ignores them.

Rustam’s parents support him and tell him he’s perfect. Despite the unkind comments, Rustam, who is about ten years old, shows his lively personality. He dresses proudly and styles his hair in fun ways.

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Nika describes Rustam as a curious and open-minded child who doesn’t worry about how he looks. Unfortunately, Nika’s Instagram account, where she shared Rustam’s photos and stories, got removed.

People can be mean, but this loving couple is doing their best for a sweet child. What do you think about this story? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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