“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Spot 3 pigs in the Picture

The swineherd has lost three of his pigs in this optical illusion image. Can you spot them within 6 seconds?

Spot 3 pigs

Look at the picture with a man talking to a woman. The man lost three pigs, and he’s asking the woman about them. Your job is to find the three lost pigs in 6 seconds.

Look closely at the image; that’s the key.

If you find them, great! If not, time’s up. Scroll down to see where the pigs are.

Did you find the pigs? If yes, well done! If not, no worries.

You can find the solution is below.

Optical Illusion Solution

The pigs were not in the picture. The text was talking about a shepherd’s dog hidden on a mountain. If you found it, great job! If not, there it is.

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