“Southern Charm Reunion”: Olivia Flowers’ Past Fling with Thomas Ravenel Exposed

During the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion, Taylor Ann Green spilled the beans about Olivia Flowers’ past fling with Thomas Ravenel. The discussion came up as Taylor and Austen Kroll were under scrutiny for their secret kiss and cover-up during the season.

Taylor hinted at Olivia’s undisclosed hookup with Thomas, leading to a tense moment. Olivia, feeling exposed, challenged Taylor to spill the details. Taylor then claimed that Olivia had betrayed their friend Kathryn Dennis by getting involved with Kathryn’s ex, Thomas.

This wasn’t the first time viewers heard about Olivia and Thomas. Last year, Madison LeCroy hinted at something between them during the reunion, and Taylor defended Olivia back then.

At the recent reunion, Olivia admitted to the hookup, explaining it happened when she was 20, fresh out of college, and she had kept it a secret. She expressed frustration that Taylor was now using it against her.

The revelation caused a stir among the cast, with Olivia calling Taylor a bad friend and a bad person. The episode ended with a break before part 2.

It’s worth noting that this bombshell came almost a year after Thomas expressed support for Olivia following the death of her brother, Conner, in February.

Thomas Ravenel, a former Southern Charm cast member, had a tumultuous history on the show, including legal troubles and a departure after Season 5. He faced allegations of sexual assault, resulting in a settlement and a guilty plea to third-degree assault and battery in 2018. Thomas did not return for Season 7, confirmed in October 2020.

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