Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates 66th Birthday with a Workout – Showing Off What 66 Looks Like!

Ellen DeGeneres had a workout to celebrate her 66th birthday, and her wife, Portia De Rossi, shared a video on Instagram. In the video, Ellen does exercises like dumbbell shoulder presses, pull-ups, single-hand overhead presses, and pushes a training sled. Portia expressed how proud she is of Ellen and wished her a happy birthday with a sweet caption.


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Ellen also shared the video on her Instagram Story and received birthday wishes from friends like Lea Journo, Kym Douglas, Rosie McClelland, and Claudia Gharibian. Kris Jenner posted a tribute on her Instagram Story, calling Ellen her “BFF” and expressing how blessed she is to have her in her life.

In August, Ellen and Portia celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, with Ellen expressing her love for Portia in an Instagram post. Additionally, in December, they marked 19 years of dating and shared a video on Instagram offering dating advice to fans. They emphasized the importance of honesty and not taking your partner for granted.

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