“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find Green Apple in the Room in 9 Seconds

Let’s find out how good your visual skills are!

The word “illusion” comes from a Latin word, illudere, which means to mock or trick. Optical illusion pictures are made to fool our minds and are seen as a simple way to test someone’s intelligence and attentiveness.

Scientists who study the brain, called neuroscientists, use optical illusion pictures to understand how our brains create the way we see things.

Doing optical illusion puzzles regularly is thought to help improve problem-solving skills.

Find Green Apple in the Room in 9 Seconds

Look at the picture below with a room full of things. There’s a green apple hidden somewhere, and you have 9 seconds to find it.

This challenge is a test for your eyes.

If you couldn’t find the hidden apple, the solution is given in the picture below!

Find Green Apple in 9 Seconds: Solution

The green apple is tucked between the two vases near the painting on the left wall of the room.

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