“A Love Like Never Before”: Jessie J Delights Fans with Heartwarming Video of Baby Sky’s Mirror Discovery

Jessie J is really happy with her baby boy Sky Safir. She posted a cute video on Instagram showing Sky playing with a mirror. In the video, Sky, who is 8 months old, is crawling in a maroon onesie towards a mirror on the wall. Jessie says “hello” to him, and he gets really excited, reaching out and smiling at the mirror. He makes cute sounds while playing, and the video ends with him putting his hands on the mirror and making a funny face.

Jessie J and her boyfriend, Chanan Safir Colman, welcomed Sky on May 12. Jessie shared the happy news on Instagram a week later, saying her whole life changed when her son was born. She described the feeling as indescribable and said she’s flying in love. She called Sky magic and said he is all her dreams come true.


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Since then, Jessie has been sharing sweet moments of baby Sky growing up. She posted a video of him seemingly singing along as she sang “Oh Happy Day.” Recently, she shared pictures of Sky wearing a Santa Claus hat and onesie during a visit to Lapland UK, a Christmas-themed park in Ascot, England. In one picture, Sky is wrapped in a cozy blanket, and Jessie captions it as the “best day ever” at Lapland UK.

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