“Double Dates and Cooking Fun!”: Nicola Peltz Beckham Raves About Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend Benny Blanco

Nicola Peltz Beckham really likes Selena Gomez’s boyfriend, Benny Blanco. She talked to PEOPLE at her movie premiere and said she and her husband, Brooklyn Beckham, go on double dates with Selena and Benny.

Nicola praised Benny, saying he’s amazing and a great cook. She and Brooklyn enjoy cooking with them, and she feels they hit the jackpot with such good friends.

Selena Gomez, Nicola’s BFF, was also at the premiere. Nicola called Selena her “wife” and said having her support is the best thing.

Selena and Benny made their official couple debut at the Primetime Emmy Awards. They confirmed their romance in December 2023. They were also seen together at Golden Globes after-parties.

A source said Selena is really happy in her relationship with Benny. She seems to be in a good place personally and professionally. People around her are happy that she’s happy and are protective of her.

Overall, everyone in Selena’s circle supports her and likes Benny because they care about her.

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