Ben Affleck’s Well-Known Paparazzi Shot Featured in New Dunkin’ Ad

Ben Affleck, who is 51 years old, stars in a new Dunkin’ commercial where he dreams of becoming a pop star like his wife Jennifer Lopez. The ad is called “Dunkin’ ‘Popstar’ ft. Ben Affleck & Charli D’Amelio.”

In the commercial, Affleck talks to stylists and music producers. He also pretends to call his wife, Jennifer Lopez, and asks if she likes the stage name “BLo.”

Around 40 seconds into the commercial, viewers can see a framed paparazzi photo of Affleck in his fake living room, next to pictures of Lopez. In the photo, Affleck is wearing a blue jacket and holding a cup of Dunkin’ coffee with some Dunkin’ donut boxes nearby. This photo is similar to a famous picture from 2021 where Affleck is balancing a Dunkin’ coffee on top of some mail. After that photo went viral, Affleck became a spokesperson for Dunkin’ and starred in his first commercial for them during the Super Bowl in 2023.

The commercial also includes a nod to the “Sad Affleck” memes that appeared on social media after Affleck attended the Grammys with Lopez in 2023 and looked expressionless all night.

At the end of the commercial, Affleck warns people not to underestimate Boston and promotes Lopez’s upcoming album, wearing a donut necklace and saying, “This is me, now,” which is the title of her project.

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